What is Russian Remy hair?

Russian Remy hair extensions are generally thought to be one of the softest textured locks offered on the market. Known for their high quality and seamless look, they are the perfect match for women with soft and fragile hair.

What is Russian Remy Hair Extensions?

Russian Remy hair extensions are generally thought to be one of the softest textured locks offered on the market. They are collected in designated parts of Russia and neighbouring countries, such as Belarus and Ukraine. Every tress is sorted as carefully as possible, and dyed in the most up-to-date cold-dyeing techniques. As a result, a manufacturer gets a top-quality product that is on an upper level as compared to its virgin alternatives from other regions of the world. 

Known for their high quality and seamless look, women whose locks tend to be thin, withered, and weak with the fragile structure overall opt to Remy hair as to the perfect match for their hairs. Among the many benefits of such strands are natural shine, tender waves, and silky texture. The main distinguishing feature of Remy strands is that their cuticles remain intact. That provides them additional durability and the most innate look possible. In this material, we speak about Russian Remy human hair extensions, their key advantages, and grades. You can also get acquainted with how to find out the ways you can tell you are purchasing a genuine product. 

The strands of the kind are frequently called simply Russian hair, as they have no hairsprings collected without regard to their cuticular layers.

Distinctive Features of Russian Remy Human Hair Extensions

Anyone who has ever sampled this type of locks is well aware of its evident advantages:

  • Unique softness. The cuticles of Remy strands are preserved untouched and aligned all in the same direction, which makes them incredibly smooth and velvety to the touch.
  • Longevity. Due to the undamaged structure, the locks of this type do not shank and tangle. They will preserve their origin quality — granted the fact that you look out for them, of course.
  • Versatility. You can buy Russian Remy hair extensions for any styles and headdresses. Such strands are ideally suited for fashion experiments and glamorous makeovers.
  • Natural look. Processed most gently, the locks with intact cuticles blends exceptionally well with your own hair. It is impossible to say whether you have extensions or not.
  • Light waves. The hairsprings are a bit wavy or curly, which looks charming, yet perfectly natural. 
  • Suitability for professional styling. Most hairdressers agree that the locks of this type are best for professional dyeing, colouring, bleaching, curling, and other treatments.

So, what is Russian Remy hair? It is the perfect complement to your own strands, no matter how long and structured they are. With such extensions, you get an excellent opportunity to make your headdress more stylish and striking, become more self-confident, and take your whole image to a whole new level.

What Is the Grade of Russian Remy Hair Suppliers?

While Asian and Brazilian hair extensions can be graded by different producers’ criteria, Russian hair is out of these scales and here is the quick and easy explanation.

We first start by elaborating on what exactly these grades stand for. All in all, they distinguish the quality of the raw material used for the weaves. There are no grades of Russian Remy hair extensions — they simply do not require any gradation of the kind as they are on the upper level than the best of “graded” products. As for Asian and Brazilian locks, they can belong to the following quality classes:

Grade 7A denotes prime-quality locks, which can last for up to 12 months. Being thick and robust, they are still quite cheap. You should also note that grade 7A hairsprings tend to shed and tangle in use. Therefore, the owners of such extensions should wash them with a detangle shampoo at least once a month.

Grade 8A and 9A waves have intact cuticles. Typically, these virgin strands are taken from a single donor. The curls of these types never undergo any sort of treatment. According to users’ reviews, grade 8A and 9A strands have a longer lifetime — it varies from 1 to 1.5 years. However, you should remember that these tresses are only recommended for women with black hair. They are resistant to the majority of colourings, and if you try to colour them, they will no longer stay virgin. 

Grade 10A tresses are the top-quality product that will serve you for a long haul, given that you take good care of it. The strands are 100% non-treated, with a solid structure and strong ends. Such extensions do not clot and crumple. They can be dyed, curled, and styled in any other way with no loss in quality. But again, grade 10A weaves are great for the owners of black or dark brown hair. Naturally, you can lighten them, but in this case, they will lose their naturality. They still need some special and time-consuming treatment in order not to lose shine. 

Russian Remy hair bears no relation to this gradation regardless of the type of the product. Whether it is pre-coloured with the most exquisite techniques that do not corrupt the structure or virgin strands that were meticulously sorted to bring the best of hair extensions. Outstanding natural features of the hair, as well as the most delicate approach, adopted to process the raw materials as professionally and thoroughly as it can be. Combined with extremely severe sorting makes it unable to create a new system for assessing these products.

Useful Tips to Buy Russian Remy Hair Extensions

To select the best curls for your breathtaking hairstyles, take into account the following pieces of advice:

  1. Mind the price of the product. As a rule, a better quality product is more expensive, and vice versa. Try not to purchase ridiculously cheap items, as they will hardly ever be a pleasant surprise.
  2. Check the material. The extensions provided by reliable Russian Remy hair suppliers are always soft and smooth to the touch. Their silky texture is truly unmatched.
  3. Look at the length. The locks must be of the same size over the total width of the extension. Pay special attention to the hair ends — they should be carefully cut.
  4. Study the locks under the sun. High-quality strands are always shiny. Though, the shine must be natural, resulting from the hair’s health, not the layer of silicone covering them.
  5. Make sure there is no Russian virgin black shade available at the store. Slavic girls do not have dark tones at all, it is usually somewhere between chestnut and dirty blonde. Thus, if the vendor has unprocessed black Russian Remy hair extensions in the UK, that is a clear sign of the scam. 
  6. Carefully select the colour. The choice of weaves for sale is enormous, take your time to select the one which suits best your natural locks and skin type. You can also consult a professional hairdresser or a stylist.   

Typically, almost the whole supply of real Russian hair is sold within Eastern Europe to cover the needs of the local market where customers got used to wearing top quality materials over and over. Deep and profound experience enables Elizé to hold contracts only with the selected collectors and small fabrics that value its reputation just like us. This allows us to be capable of offering both pre-coloured and Russian virgin hair extensions straight from the places it is gathered with zero inefficient treatment to suit the harsh quality standards we have. Each and every tress can be modified according to your wishes in terms of attachment type.