“It quickly gives my hair a glorious look while being 100% irritation-free”, that’s what our clients say about Elizé wefted hair extensions. Indeed, thanks to a delicate integration mechanism, Russian hair wefts literally do no damage to your own hair, so they are appropriate for even the finest and most vulnerable hair.

A combination of classic handmade wefting techniques and specialised weft sewing machines result in a firm bond. This means our weft extensions stay solid and do not fall to pieces or become loose when split to tresses or attached. Thanks to an extremely delicate dying and colouring procedure we use here at Elizé, the wefts retain an inherent look and quality for much longer than you would expect from a hair extension. The result? You enjoy a fabulous look and perfect hairstyle for 2-3 months longer. Great, isn’t it?

What’s best about these Russian weft hair extensions is that the non-damaging application takes merely 30-60 minutes. Coupled with a competitive price, Elizé wefts are definitely an option if you are aiming for a superior look at a minimum price.

Experience the magic of true Russian hair now! Order your weft extension at Elizé.