Non-dyed, Russian virgin hair retains the qualities that women would like to boast about, but often can’t for various reasons. Virgin Russian hair extensions are strong enough to stay healthy and retain a stunning look even after multiple dark-to-blonde or vice versa colourings. Shampoos and conditioners do not make them tangle or coarse, even after hundreds of washes.

Elizé understands: you want full control over your hairstyle. Russian virgin hair extensions give you that control. That is why we put a veto on any treatment of virgin strands except for just one procedure: a single wash that is required for the sake of hygiene. That’s it. Now it’s yours, so feel free to colour your new locks, perm it, or style it the way you prefer.

Virgin Russian hair extensions are popular in the UK for a reason. It can bring you the joy of having a magnificent hairdo for a few years, thanks to the specific, naturally high-class structure of the strands. One pack of blonde product always comes from one woman, which is confirmed by the natural variance in weight and hair density.

We process every order for virgin hair extensions strictly individually. Genuine blonde Russian hair is in high demand and varies slightly in tones. This means we cannot guarantee that a specific colour is available at any given time. So don’t hesitate! Contact us to secure a specific tone now.

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Russian Virgin Hair: Quality in Every Detail

Virgin locks are, by all means, the most highly valued product on the hair extension market. They are only donated in specific regions of Eastern Europe and processed in compliance with strict rules. The strands are gathered by hand and thoroughly sorted so that they create tangle-resistant and perfectly smooth curls, suitable for any hairstyles. The colour of Genuine human extensions may vary in tones, but they are always non-dyed and minimally processed. And this is their vital advantage.

All You Need To Know About Russian Virgin Hair Extensions Suppliers

While some of the vendors struggle to provide the most affordable option, Elizé will not compromise its quality by doing the same. Our company provides customers with top-quality products that can boast the following advantages:

Incredible softness. Even though all our strands are smooth to the touch, the line-up of raw hair is, by all means, the softest. The curls of this type are perfect for those who have weak locks, suffered from severe medical treatment, like chemotherapy. If your own hairsprings are inherently thick and brittle, with frayed ends and a fragile structure, our virgin extensions will be the right choice for you.

Steady quality. Commonly Russian virgin hair extensions suppliers and vendors can not promise to have exceptional quality all the time. It occurs due to several reasons, such as climate deviations in the countries the hair is picked or the geography of collection being too vast. We avoid these issues by offering an individual collection and processing for each client to secure the quality.

Safety. All Slavic strands are gathered and sorted in sterile conditions, with donors being thoroughly selected. Every hairspring is appropriately disinfected so that a user could enjoy the highest quality products without any danger for the natural locks.

It is a well-known fact that raw Russian virgin hair is genetically more robust and eye-pleasing in terms of colours and shades. So, why not add this bright accent to your style and make the headdress more voluminous, shining, and textured?

3 Reasons to Buy Russian Virgin Hair Extensions

We have highlighted several points why people obtain the extensions of the kind:

  • To experiment with different styles. Raw locks are ideal for dying, colouring, curling, waving, and other variants of styling. The results will exceed expectations, bank on it.
  • To take over the world of trendy hairdos. When your locks are thick and healthy, the choice of headdresses available is vibrant. Try all of them and select the best ones for everyday use and special events.
  • To become more self-confident. Buy Russian virgin hair extensions and enjoy everyone’s attention, riveted on your luxurious, shining locks. It is an indescribable feeling.

Elizé delivers your orders to London and other cities in the UK as well as all over the world.

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