Non-dyed, non-coloured, Russian virgin hair retains the qualities that women in the UK and all around Europe would like to boast about, but often can’t for various reasons. Virgin Russian hair extensions are strong enough to stay healthy and retain a stunning look even after multiple dark-to-blonde or vice versa colourings, and are so silky that shampoos and conditioners do not make them tangle, even after hundreds of washes.

Elizé understands: you want full control over your hairstyle. Russian virgin hair extensions give you that control. That is why we put a veto on any treatment of virgin hair except for just one procedure: a single wash that is required for the sake of hygiene. That’s it. Now it’s yours, so feel free to colour your new hair, perm it, or style it the way you prefer.

Virgin Russian hair extensions are popular in the UK for a reason. Russian hair can bring you the joy of having a magnificent head of hair for a year or even longer, thanks to the specific structure of the hair. One pack of blonde hair always comes from one woman, which is confirmed by the natural variance in weight and hair density. We process every order for virgin hair extensions strictly individually. Genuine blonde Russian hair is in high demand and varies slightly in tones. This means we cannot guarantee that a specific colour is available at any given time. So don’t hesitate ! Contact us to secure a specific tone now.

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