Perfect volume or magnetic length? Why choose when you can have both! Russian hair tape extensions by Elizé fit even questionable hair and hold tightly for at least 8 weeks without causing stress or irritation to your scalp. With the glorious look of selected pure Russian hair all eyes are on you!

Here is what makes Elizé different. First, you can attach Elizé tape hair extensions to even very short hair thanks to a reliable sticky tape. No heating or chemicals are required. The tape itself is very lightweight, and when attached it feels like… like nothing, actually! So, there’s no additional tension to your already fragile hair, and you will feel beautiful and relaxed. The upmarket quality of Russian hair gives our hair extensions a particularly long lifespan – a year or longer. You only need to fix the tapes once every 8-12 weeks, and that takes around 30-40 minutes. Elizé taped hair extensions feature not only the standard 40 mm and 28 mm tapes but also the unique 12-15 mm tapes for delicate styling on temples or forelocks.

Finally, we use a special hypoallergenic adhesive solution which means Elizé Russian hair tape extensions are safe to use by almost anyone, and are a must for women whose hair tends to become dull or brittle more than average.

We deliver in 2-4 days if in stock, so order now.