Keratin Blonde shades

Feel the volume! Enjoy the weight and natural brilliance of proven Russian locks transparently integrated into your own hair using extra-tiny pre-bonded capsules. After years of research we managed to find this combination: healthy and soft Slavic hair along with durable and comfortable capsules of quality keratin.

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Pre-bonded Russian hair extensions are applied using the finest capsules able to deliver volume to your own hair for up to 16 weeks before correction. Wash, comb, and style at will – Elizé hair extensions survive for much longer and are small enough to be applied even in delicate zones such as temples. Pick up the classic 6 mm capsules or even more benign 4 mm hand-made flat tips to make it a super comfortable experience. The tiny size of keratin tips also contributes to a more delicate application, specifically designed to be completely safe.

Elizé keratin Russian extensions are a perfect blend of featured Slavic strands and top-notch keratin, resulting in an awesome hairstyle that lasts… and lasts, and lasts. Order now or contact us for more info! Discover more

Peculiarities of Elizé Pre-Bonded Russian Hair Extensions

Both customers and stylists highly estimate Pre-bonded hair extensions for their natural results, easy application, and of course, impressive durability. The locks of this type have a keratin bond at the root of the strand — it is the so-called “keratin glue,” which is fused into a person’s natural hair. The extensions are attached row after row and tress after tress, creating the effect of voluminous hairstyle. This done, the strands can be waved, curled, frizzed, or styled in any other way.

What Is Special about Elizé Keratin Russian Hair Extensions

Customers from the UK and other countries buy the locks of this type for the following reasons:

Durability. High-quality keratin strands can easily last for 5-6 months, giving you headdress extra volume and a perfect glam look.

Natural look. Our locks are impossible to tell apart from natural hairsprings. They are great for both daily styling and special events.

Ease of care. There is no need to use any specific hairdressing products or supplies — habitually care for your head.

Versatility. Adapt the hairstyle to your heart’s content — and stay gorgeous with any styling, from a ponytail to intricate updos.

You do not need to go through scrupulous research in order to buy Russian hair, it is now before your very eyes!

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