Russian Blonde Hair Extensions

White Blonde Russian hair extensions are among the world’s most beautiful and precious. Elizé is here to bring insights to tell what makes them so special.

White Russian hair locks are highly valued all over the Globe. According to users’ reviews in the UK, they are incredibly soft and smooth, with a silky texture and inimitable natural shine. The hairsprings of the kind are collected in designated parts of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. Every tress undergoes special treatment, from careful sorting to delicate cold-dyeing. In this material, we will tell you about the manufacture of pure blonde locks.

Peculiarities of White Russian Hair

The strands of the kind are designed for women with thin, flat, and brittle locks. They blend perfectly with the natural hairsprings, creating the impression of a voluminous, textured headdress. Due to their luxurious brilliance and silky smoothness, they look great in whatever style you select.

However, it is essential to note that the natural Russian blonde hair colour is generally not white. It is closer to dark blonde or lightest brown. Thus, to obtain the desired colour, a manufacturer has to dye the strands using the advanced technology of cold-dyeing. It takes specialists several days to prepare the weave for colouring, keep them in the pigmenting solution, and then dry them and wash out the excess dye.

Such a prudent technology of dyeing provides overall protection of hairsprings from chemical or mechanical damage. Every hair shaft remains smooth and healthy, without notches or chinks. It preserves its natural flexibility and shine, which is almost impossible in case of other colouring techniques.

Therefore, Russian blonde hair extensions are high-quality and natural-looking, but it is wrong to call them “virgin”. Virgin tresses do not undergo any treatment. If a seller offers you “100% virgin white Russian locks”, be careful when buying them, as it usually leads to you up the garden path.

Manufacture of Russian Blonde Hair Bundles and Weaves

This process comprises the following stages:

  1. The extensions of the kind are carefully picked up and sorted out, so as to get rid of low quality and short hairsprings.
  2. Specialists comb the locks manually and form the hair of the same length and colour shade into bundles.
  3. The locks are delicately washed and dried out without heating.
  4. Finally, the tresses are directed to different processing lines, where wefts, clip-ins, tapes, and bulks are produced.
Lock of blonde wavy hair on white background, top view

The quality of Russian blonde hair is checked at every stage of the productive process. As a result, a manufacturer gets a top-quality product that will preserve its beauty and aesthetics for a long time.

It became much easier to get yourself a stunning look along with designing your own style overall. The amount of the offer nowadays is overwhelming. Selecting the greatest hair extensions, though, is not an easy process yet. The common concept of “Russian elite hair” should not be a subject of speculation between producers from all over the world. It is only collected in designated areas of Eastern Europe and processed according to the high-end standards. As a result, the hair of this kind is rare, and the quantity is minimal. Elizé dedicates its experience and knowledge to provide the most exquisite, durable, and high-quality product. Take a look at our catalogue and contact us if you feel uncertain about anything related to our Russian hair extensions.