Elizé Pro

For pro, quality compromises are unacceptable. We know all the angles of the industry; typical hair providers often can’t guarantee steady features of their product. Seasons, geography, transportation conditions and, of course, natural deviations in the texture and density of hair, makes it hard to level the quality in each and every shipment. Here is why when it comes to wholesale supply of Russian hair extensions, Elizé rocks. Thanks to a great knowledge of the market and the carefully selected pool of proven suppliers we are able to deliver what others can’t.

We know what customers want – the same quality hair extensions over and over, and that’s exactly what Elizé Pro is about: we give masters and professionals a reliable wholesale supply of healthy and durable hair to make their clients happy. Elizé cooperates with dozens of Russian hair suppliers, carefully avoiding third-parties and shady dealers, so you always have a risk-free and constant supply of hair.

While stable quality is our first strength, flexibility is our second. Indeed, you want superior Russian hair extensions, no compromises. So we are ready to match and exceed your expectations in everything. We offer volume discounts and individual shipment conditions as well as customisable and non-standard attachment types. Thinking of 0.3 mm keratin capsules for exquisite styling? Or do you need some extra-fine tapes for delicate locks on temples for your best clients? Maybe you are interested in a wholesale supply of virgin hair? Just drop us a line. Everything is possible with Elizé Pro.

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