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Selected with uttermost scrutiny from a number of privately held and family-business suppliers, these extensions combine the exceptional look of true Russian source materials, outstanding durability, and effortless application.

Here is the story: when we started working with Russian hair, we always picked the best. Without remorse we ceased using suppliers that were unable to deliver the quality standards we set. After years, we managed to find a number of excellent Russian blonde hair providers, and a few superior ones, often small family businesses. The materials from these collectors have become the core of the Elizé Exclusive hair collection.

If you are aiming for the finest, most precious and naturally looking Russian locks that are also durable and easily manageable – pick any of the Elizé hair extensions. They’re the best. But if you are looking for more than that – Elizé Exclusive is for you.

Don’t just take our word for it. Contact us to discover more information or order a full package and enjoy the pure natural uniqueness of Russian hair in just a few days!

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Russian Elite Hair Elizé Exclusive: the Choice You Will Appreciate

If you want to make yourself a present, buy Russian elite hair, which is offered in a broad selection of colours and lengths. The locks of this type are soft and silky, seamlessly smooth and shining. What is more, they are strong enough to resist frequent combing, dying, and styling. Having a healthy, undamaged structure, utterly the best extensions do not break and get entangled, retaining their perfect look in any circumstances. As for the colours of Slavic strands, they vary from blonde to chestnut and dark-brown, but all of them share a common feature — luxurious shining, which is impossible to overlook.

Russian Hair VIP and the Way It Is Gathered

To produce top-quality virgin extensions, our collectors complete the following steps:

  1. Manual selection of hairsprings. The locks must be non-dyed and non-coloured, of the necessary length, and with no visible damages. It is a long, meticulous process, performed by professional hairdressers. Blonde Russian hair VIP is sorted out first, due to its incredible value.
  2. Cutting. When the strands are selected, combed, and sorted, it comes time to adjust their length. The flocks are tightly fixed by an elastic band and cut by sterile, high-end instruments.
  3. Lock disinfection. The locks are disinfected and washed in hot water. The process is repeated several times so that all bacteria inhabiting the donor’s hair are killed.
  4. Drying of bundles. The exclusive luxury Russian hair is dried in a special camera at the temperature of 40 °C.
  5. Machine combing and hand-made sorting. These procedures are necessary to remove tangled combs. Besides, masters take damaged and short hairsprings away.
  6. Manual dying. The combed flocks are covered with special long-lasting dyes, which make them brighter and better for further colouring.
  7. Applying the fixation. After washing, combing, and dividing into tresses, the locks are attached to keratin capsules, tape-ins, clip-ins, wefts, or clips.

Advantages of Elizé Exclusive Luxury Russian Hair

Our extensions have many benefits:

  • Perfect and natural look. It is impossible to distinguish Elizé curls from your natural hairsprings. Smooth, sparkling and bright, they raise your style to a much higher level.
  • Safety and reliability. Gathered from the best suppliers, carefully selected, and disinfected, our exclusive extensions are friendly for your natural hair and easy to care for.
  • Versatility. Whatever hairstyles you like — twisted buns, flower braids, or multi-layered waves — our locks will be ideal for your headdress. Try them as soon as possible.

You can order hair by Elizé Exclusive with the delivery to London or other parts of the UK, as well as to other countries.

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