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Are you in a rush for a perfect hairstyle? Try these clip in hair extensions. Quick to put on and remove, they allow you to sparkle at any event, be that a wedding, a dance night or a corporate party. Instantly.

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Specially designed, fast-clicking and reliable clip-ins turn your typical styling procedure into a breeze – even at home! Spend 5-15 minutes achieving natural volume or 15-30 minutes gaining extra length all over your head, and the final look will be something you’ll be proud of. Stay flexible and review your hairstyle at any given time thanks to clip-in attachments.

These clip in human hair extensions inherit the natural shine of Russian hair. We guarantee natural growth orientation for minimum entanglement even after numerous washes, and we additionally test each shipment instrumentally and manually for quality. This ensures each Elizé clip-in extension looks exceptional, regardless of colour or length.

Give these finest extensions a chance. Even if you have tried Slavic hair extensions before, we can assure you – Elizé is something very different. Order now or contact us for a sample. Discover more

Advantages of Clip in Russian Hair Extensions

As distinguished from other types of hair extensions, clip-ins are very easy to use, totally discrete, flexible and safe. This is exactly the kind of makeover that you will never regret. Clip-ins are by their nature the pre-clipped strips of natural locks that are snapped onto a person’s strands with the help of little snap clips. Such weaved locks are perfect for all types of hairdos, such as ponytails, high buns or curly tresses.
Our company offers a wide selection of clip-ins and other types of extensions for clients from the UK and other countries. Visit our hair catalogue to pick up the best option to meet your personal requirements.

Top-3 Benefits of Real Hair Extensions Clip in

  • Ease of use. You can put them on and remove as soon as you want. You will not even need anyone’s assistance, as the weaved locks of the kind are installed simply by attaching clips to your tresses.
  • No strand damage. Clip in human hair extensions do not cause hair thinning or breakage. Soft and lightweight, they are almost unnoticeable on the head no matter what hairdo you select.
  • Convenient styling. You can style these real tresses out of your head. There is no need to hurry curling or straightening your locks in the morning — you can do it all beforehand and apply when necessary.

One More Reason to Buy Hair Clip in Extensions

They will make your everyday life easier, faster and, significantly, more stylish. Just imagine how exciting it is when you can make your strands voluminous and perfectly shaped in 5-15 minutes without applying to a stylist’s services. Whatever headdress you prefer — messy Boho waves, trendy half buns or silky-soft ponytails — our invisible tresses will be very much to the point.

No any troubles exist anymore if you wish to buy clip in hair extensions in UK. Versatility is the key here!

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Each set of clip-ins designed for a smooth full-head length and volume enhancement with an option of selecting extra pieces if you need.

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