Everything You Need To Know About Russian Gold Stick Tip Human Hair Extensions

How to improve the condition of the strands and get the right length within minutes? Today, many women choose a quick and easy option – Russian gold hair extensions. Find out more about upscale hair extensions, its care and application.
Russian gold hair extensions

Why Do Russian Gold Flat Tip Hair Extensions Transform Your Look?

Russian Gold flat tip hair extensions are top-quality Remy hair tightened together with Keratin stick tips. Thanks to the new technology and original human hair, this procedure has become safe and totally harmless for a person’s natural hair.

This type is considered to be one of the best materials for building due to its special structure that perfectly suits for most women in Europe and the UK. The strands were selected from the finest raw materials, each of them keeps their natural shine and beauty. It does not split because of the absence of chemical treatment. Thousands of women choose it for its good elasticity, smoothness as well as silky shine.

Easy Building And Wearing of Russian I Tip Hair Extensions:

How to build up strands? What are its principal advantages?

  • All sections undergo thorough processing on specialised equipment that allows preserving its beauty and natural shine.
  • Russian I Tip hair extensions belong to the category of the highest quality; it can be used for building multiple times.
  • With due care, long hair tips will last for a long time.
  • Easy safe building with Keratin stick I utips.
  • The locks are suitable for dying and lightening due to unstable pigment. Even after frequent dying or styling, it will not lose its softness or smoothness of the structure. Any woman can change her appearance as often as she wants.
  • It always looks great, each strand is easily washed or corrected.
  • It is easy to comb, manageable and suitable for any hairstyle.
  • No special care is required. All you need is to comb and wash it as natural hair. You can also go to the sauna or swimming pool wearing it. The only rule is to avoid heat to the building location of the strands.

At Elizé, you can find only high-quality soft Russian hair that looks superb for as long as you wish. We offer only certified products as well as a wide selection of colours and lengths. In addition to that, you can find ready-made sections for capsule, tresses, extensions with micro rings, etc. Our product is designed to elate you while playing with your style and be impressive every time you wear them without feeling a burden of tough or clumsy aftercare.