Collecting Slavic Hair

Shortly after clustering a portion of hair it is disinfected, to ensure the product contains none of the bacteria which natural human hair may contain. Finally, the product is wrapped with an elastic band at the foundation of cuticles and offered for sale as a bulk hair product . Furthermore, depending on the type of connection, keratin capsules, tapes, wefts or clips are attached to them.

Each and every one of our carefully selected suppliers provides us with Slavic hair extensions gathered only in Slavic parts of Russia and Ukraine. The process of gathering consists of the following stages:

The process of gathering consists of the following stages:
Stage 1
To begin with, each strand of hair is evaluated by professional hairdressers: they check the health, the length, and the colour. Virgin Russian blonde hair bundles are sorted out first of all due to their incredible value.
Stage 2
Donor’s strands are divided into four flocks that are tightly fixed by an elastic band (this way, locks won’t fall out of the bundle) and then cut. This is done in extremely sterile conditions with clean high-end instruments. Sometimes, women visit a hair salon to have their hair cut by a professional, or, in rare cases, they may cut the strands by themselves and send the material by mail.
Stage 3
Russian hair bundles are disinfected and washed several times with hot water. This ensures any bacteria - that may have remained on the donor’s hair - is killed. At the final step of disinfection, cold water is used to remove detergent chemicals from the bundle.
Stage 4
Hair flocks are dried in a special camera at the temperature of 40 °C. During which time, the mass of mane can lose up to 20% of its weight.
Stage 5
The hair sections are sent to the combing shop where masters use carding machines to comb the material. After the machine has combed the strands, the hand-made sorting starts. As inference, tangled combs that may have appeared during the previous actions are removed. Damaged and short hairs are also cleared away from the bundle during the process.
Stage 6
Combed hair flocks are put into large containers to be dyed. Special long-lasting dyes are used to make it possible for the masters to obtain various shades. To achieve the most brightest colours, Russian blond hair extensions are dyed with exceptionally delicate components, ensuring the natural melanin is bleached slowly and steadily.
Stage 7
Finally, the material is washed in clean water, combed again and formed into tresses of 100-200g each. The strands of hair are stitched together into tresses in order to eliminate the risk of tangling and change of cuticle direction. Prior to dispatching, hair tresses are formed into bundles that are sorted by length and colour and are carefully packed in separate containers.

At Elizé we always ensure that only the finest quality hair extensions are thoroughly selected among all the Russian hair suppliers in Russia and Ukraine.

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