Freedom. This is why our clients prefer bulk extensions. Indeed, your style isn’t carved in stone. Be charming. Be playful. Be splendid. Impress and mesmerise. How’d you do that? It is up to you now!

The choice of length and volume is not limited with any particular attachment, so these bulk Slavic hair extensions fit just any head or hair type equally well. Bring these extra-durable, finely selected bulk hair extensions to your hair stylist and enjoy voluminous Russian hair with whatever extension type you prefer.

Gently dyed and coloured using a 6-stage process, the hair features natural shades and retains a vivid look for much longer than your typical hair extension. And they are almost entangle-free as each bundle consists of 99% non-inverted, root-to-tip, same length hair. This also provides a truly silky look and feel to your hair, because, naturally, Russian hair extensions don’t need any silicone or acid treatment to create smoothness.

Bulk hair is a nice option if you feel creative or just love having some extra freedom rather than sticking to specific integration methods. The pack comes in a branded box within 2-4 days if in stock, or within 8-10 days if out of stock. Order your Russian hair bundle from Elizé!