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Originated from Finland, Elizé is striving to become your trusty hair vendor in the UK. With a scrupulous selection of Slavic hair suppliers, intensive quality testing, the best dyeing techniques and ingredients combined with extra-durable attachment methods to deliver you an outstanding look with our Russian hair extensions.

Several years ago we specialized in selling small portions of Asian hair. The quality did not really satisfy us or our clients. So we decided to found our own brand of luxury Russian Slavic hair extensions. We created Elizé.

Often hair extensions sold to you as “Slavic” entangle after just one wash. We have also experienced this. So we chose to work with genuine Slavic hair, unknown and often unreachable for the majority of hair extension vendors on the market. Unlike Indian or Asian hair, Slavic hair is naturally silky and simply does not require silicone coating to look fabulous. We have grown a huge portfolio of real Slavic hair suppliers so we can always be sure we offer the best quality.

At Elizé, we aim to provide the best service for everyone, whether you are a master or a consumer, starting from quality Slavic hair to lab-tested keratin; from individual tape designs to exclusive packaging that makes every Elizé order a pleasure to unbox.

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Our Values

Precision: We serve customers with premium hair extensions to ensure we both follow our path to success.

Market-oriented: Elizé understands the final consumer. We adapt our product range to match today’s wishes.

Quality first: We carry out quality controls regularly to ensure we only keep first-class hair collectors.


1 We aim to build a consolidated network of the finest quality Russian hair suppliers in Slavic countries.

2 Elizé creates and develops the industry instead of adjusting itself to the poorly-formed international hair market.

3 We are eliminating poor working conditions, providing adequate fees for donors and ensuring fair and transparent deals for all contributors.

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Why is it so special
The list of benefits of using long Russian hair is a mile long. The main reason why hair salons around the globe value this material is because of its durability and quality, not to mention the rich palette of natural colours and shades. Requiring minimal processing and treatment, such hair preserves its structure and strength. Read more
Collecting Slavic hair
The real Russian hair producers do a little refinement before the end product is released. The procedure of gathering hair is done by hand and strands are thoroughly selected, combed and sorted to be cuticle correct, to help Slavic strands to be resistant to getting mixed or tangled when brushed by the wearer. Read more