7 reasons why should you try hair extensions

Hair extending is one of the most popular ways to achieve the hairstyle of a dream. Why women do this procedure? Here is the list of seven reasons why they use and buy Slavic hair extensions.

1. It is the easiest way to make hair long

Frequent dyeing, haircuts, and improper care lead to sad results: the hair does not grow properly and break off the ends. In particular, blonde hair is prone to irreversible damage. In this case, hair extensions can be used for a complete build-up of hair mass in the occipital and temporal zones. Using extensions it is possible to add 70 centimetres of length! The number of strands is selected individually depending on the desired results.


2. You have desired length, but there is no volume

Styling and curling make hair fluffy, and some women simply don’t have enough natural volume. Slavic Russian hair extensions can be used not only to add length, but also to boost volume. In this case, you can choose extensions to fit your length, or add some 5-7 cm of length — it will look natural. The amount of extensions depends on the desired volume: about 50-80 capsules will be enough. Such method of volume-boosting is safer than other approaches (hair styling products and curling).

3. The hair is not dyed, but you want changes

Not everyone is ready to lighten their hair or do even slight dyeing. In this case, hair extension is a way out: it allows you to try something new without harming your hair. There is a large selec-tion of hair extensions with various colour effects (ombre or the effect of burnt strands), which can help you change your image without damaging natural hair. Alternatively, you can dye your hair together with extended. The extensions made of natural Russian Slavic hair prove to be long-lasting and resistant to damage, this is why they can be dyed multiple times without loss of quality

4. The process of hair extension is absolutely reversible

If you like experimenting with hairstyles, the extension will be a great solution because it allows reversing the process with minimal hair damage. No matter which type of extension you choose, the strands can be easily detached. Besides, Russian hair braids and locks can be used multiple times — they preserve the quality for a long time.

5. You had an unsuccessful haircut

Some hair salon clients come to restore their hair length or to correct the mess on their head after an unsuccessful experiment. With properly selected hair extensions, you can create a good-looking haircut while taking into account the peculiarities of the previous one. In this case, it is highly recommended to use of micro-growth technique when the capsules are hidden as much as possible behind hair (works well even for short hair). The number of hair extensions can reach 250-300 microcapsules or more.

6. You can grow your own hair while wearing long hair extensions

Have no time wait until your short hair gets long enough? You can wear hair extensions while your natural locks are growing and enjoy a variety of hairstyles available. Thus, you can fulfil your dream in a couple of hours instead of waiting for several years.


7. It is beautiful and stylish!

The last but not the least reason to try hair extensions is the beauty of naturally long hair! Noth-ing looks sexier and more charming. Virgin Slavic Russian hair extensions will make your hairs-tyle look absolutely healthy and naturally.

The list of reasons to use hair extensions is a mile long — every woman has her own motivation. This is a great way to improve your image and experiment without damaging your natural hair strands. If you use high-quality materials and work with an experienced master, the results of hair extension will always exceed your expectations.