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Russian Hair Extensions

Russian hair is highly reliable and long-lasting, and can be worn easily in your daily life. The strands blend softly with any type of hair thanks to their smooth texture and look naturally silky even on fragile hair that is prone to damage. Almost every type of attachment is available. The hair keeps its softness when dyed at home or even bleached.

Elizé revolutionises hair extensions from a short-lived ‘One Night Dress' to more enduring ‘comfortable jewellery’ for everyday life. The lifespan typically exceeds as long as 12 months or more of hassle-free wearing. The treatment that extensions need is affordable and less comprehensive than products from other regions of the world.

Elizé collects material from proven local hair collectors to ensure that we get the highest possible quality. Then we fix all the legal issues involved in importing the goods and offering Russian hair extensions to UK consumers.


The advance of new sorts of products made vendors search for better quality amongst Asian and Indian types of extensions. The process continues even today. As a result, there has been a significant increase in the quality of these extensions to be thin and soft while staying more affordable than Slavic hair. Meanwhile, the majority of Russian hair suppliers have signed dozens of contracts distributing their materials to companies in the USA, Australia, and the UAE. As a consequence, they are still in close partnerships allocating almost the whole supply to those countries.

The reasons behind genuine Russian locks to be so demanded are unique, extreme proximity of their structure to the natural strands women have in Western Europe and Scandinavia. It is worth mentioning that purchasing hair extensions from Eastern Europe does not guarantee the strands preserve the quality you expect. Even Russia itself is admirably vast and huge enough that even locals do not often know where to get the real product. Elizé is one of those contractors who were able to establish tight cooperation with dozens of local collectors in Slavic countries. Russian hair extensions prices are based on a transparent deal between the collectors and the donors to ensure everyone is rewarded fairly. When it comes to dyeing and processing, the company adopted the lightest techniques that allow the hair to retain the initial properties for an extensive period.


Finding a trusted supplier in order to buy Russian hair extensions in the UK to understand the difference in the comfort and lifespan of these products is essential. It is indeed confusing to understand what quality is to be expected when a significant part of hair extensions companies in the UK tries to replicate the Russian type of product by bringing high-quality Asian extensions. Nevertheless, the structure of Asian materials is commonly more coarse than the Russian ones. It not only results in reduced comfort and more time taking aftercare but also loses its gorgeous look too quickly.

Elizé undertakes the responsibility to sort, process, and select the most precious ones and brings them to our clients across the world. If you wish to buy hair extensions in London and all over the UK, simply make an order on the Hair Catalogue page, selecting the type of attachment you prefer. Our managers will quickly check the availability of the product and provide you with an online payment form link where you can confirm your purchase decision.


Nowadays, the notion of the Slavic type of extensions has spread all over the world. Companies and producers are trying to get to the source of this material to be able to go hand-in-hand with the quality standards. Russian Hair Extensions Suppliers UK is a group of mostly B2B companies specialising purely on professional sort of materials to distinguish themselves from false producers and resellers. Elizé is a part of this consortium aiming to gather all the decent online stores in the UK in order for customers to be easier to find out whether the origin of the fibre they buy corresponds to its naming. This is a test denomination and further adjustments are expected to be introduced. The consortium is not yet an official organisation or association in the UK.

Commonly, it becomes sophisticated to understand whether the company serves you with real Russian hair extensions due to a number of reasons. Excessive demand and limited supply in the mid-2000s provoked a lot of companies to seek for a producer or collector of these materials. The first attempts towards acquiring it were not successful because of the price being too high, hence, the unprepared customers were not willing to set a new budget and sacrifice the money for the extensions they had never seen before. Indeed, everything has changed rapidly once hair extensions of the different original became out of comparison versus the new type.